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Akame ga Kill! Episode 24.
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Episode 24 of the TV Anime Series Akame ga Kill!

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  • sonic12346

    this is one of my favourite anime but it is the only anime that was unable to make me cry i would recommend it to all my friends 🙂

  • Beverley Lagunas

    ……everyone just had to die…

    • Karel

      Lel, I accidentally read your comment. I was flippin’ furious because I was so dumb to spoil the anime for myself, it was so fun, too! Also, I am commenting so other people wont read this comment of yours and mine will pop-up instead of yours, so it wont ruin the entire anime for them. Even making an account for that.

  • so sad! 🙁

  • Arata

    My feels 🙁

  • john

    heart broken… 🙁 more episodes pls.

  • Katie Nguyen

    Why did everyone have to die?

  • Percy Tenshi

    Oh they are all doing good oh they are all getting more powerful nope say developers we have to kill every single good guy and give a fucked up ending were the main character dies haha sorry.

    • SexyHambone

      He really wasn’t the main character though. The show is named after the main character. Akame. We just only saw the show through Tatsumi’s eyes, so it felt like he was the most important.

  • paik

    it’s like an anime version of Game of Thrones.

    • Blue Berry

      ye every main character dies

  • Kish Ore

    boring shitttttttttt damm y do tatsumi have to die shit series ever

  • SexyHambone

    Honestly disappointed in the show. I get it, they’re assassins and they’re supposed to die. But it felt like there was little character build on anyone besides Tatsumi, so it barely phased me when anyone else died. It eventually became easy to predict episodes where people were going to die. Sigh, time to go rewatch Space Dandy.